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Some Kind Of Radio Show is the Flagship Show on The SKORadio Network. The show will return and be LIVE on Fridays 8:00pm to Midnight (Eastern) and will salute movies and television shows as well as discussing funny news stories, trivia contests, prank calls and more! Look for them!



Is it possible to do a spin off show with two great hosts from the Some Kind Of Radio Show??? You Bet! Tune In to the SKO Morning Show With Thompson & McCune weekdays from 8AM to 11:00am. Buckle In! This should be a wild one!



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    Ever wonder what it's like to be an Amateur Radio Operator? You can find out by tuning from Noon to 1:00pm on Saturdays. Follow N8OQP on FaceBook or Twitter @n8oqp

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    This is gonna be all kinds of fun! Music and Special Guests, Bands and all kinds of laughs and much more!… Mondays from 6:00 to 9:00pm

  • Crapper


    This show is full of crap! Serious Crap, Funny Crap, Tech Crap, It's the crappiest show you'll ever hear! Even the host is full of crap! That's why he's "The Big Crapper!"
    Saturday Mornings 9:00am to 12:00pm!

Thank you for stopping by The SKO Radio Network. We strive to give a little bit of something for everyone with our open music and talk format. We offer great music from all genres and Live interactive cutting edge talk programs from host you won’t find anywhere else. Internet Radio is the future. This business as a whole has waded only ankle deep in the ocean of The World Wide Web. Now it’s time to swim.The SKO Radio Network will give you music through the ages with talk that engages. That’s not only our catch phrase but it’s our motto and what we will strive to give you each day. Thanks for tuning in and we hope you tell all your friends and family about us as we hope you have found something in us you love.
Earl McCune
President, SKORadio Network



Freakshow is not an ordinary news show. This is where I will take the out of the ordinary news that is unbelievable, yet, it is not fake news. We will laugh about it, throw in some sketch comedy and play some tunes along the way.


Wednesday's 7pm to 10pm. We'll talk MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, NASCAR, whatever is going on in the sports world. Nothing is off limits! I'll give you my honest opinion, I welcome your take. Find me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @shrek8487.