Jon is a transplant from the Finger Lakes region of New York.  Jon spent his formative years living in a log cabin on a dirt road and was more interested in hunting, four-wheeling, and sneaking sips of moonshine than sports until middle-school when he started wrestling, lacrosse and table tennis.  Jon would become a two sport athlete in college and pursued table tennis overseas before getting a “real job” as a criminal prosecutor and tax attorney. Travelling nationally and internationally for fifteen plus years, Jon developed a love for sports and his legal background combined to form an analytical and cynical view of the games we all love.  Jon was given a chance to share those views with a larger audience on SKORadio in December of 2018.  Since then, Jon has co-hosted and guest hosted on a number of SKORadio shows before starting his own brand, Cinder Block Sports in May of 2019.  Cinder Block Sports is named after his son who is shaped like a cinder block.  Jon dedicates each show to his daughter with a good luck ribbon given to him on his first guest show appearance.  Jon, his wife and kids live in the Akron area.