An important announcement regarding the future of The SKO Radio Network

Dear Loyal Listeners

It is with heavy hearts and an unfortunate reality that we are posting this morning.

We have decided that, as of August 31, 2019, we will be ceasing operations.

This is not a publicity stunt. This is not a joke. We have loved operating for the last two years, but it is time for us to say goodbye, and more importantly, THANK YOU.

First off, thank you to the true heart of this radio station. Debbie McCune was the engine that drove us into existence. We love her and miss her so much every day.

Thank you to all our on air talent. We have enjoyed every friendship we have made over the years. Without you, we would have been two guys sitting alone in a studio. We hope that this will not change our friendship in the months and years ahead, as they mean so much to us.

To our management staff, thank you for your tireless hours and dedication to what we have done here. It has not gone unnoticed. Mike, you have taken up a big role over this last year, one that neither of us would have been able to do. You have done amazing things for us, and it will always be appreciated. Aaron, you took over the music operations and turned us into a great sounding, upbeat station. You have put more sweat and tears into this station than we can possibly imagine.

To our listeners, you have been here for us since before we even launched. It’s not going to be easy for us to say goodbye, but we have built relationships with you all over the last two years, that hopefully it is not goodbye after all.

We will be in operation through the month of August. On August 31, we will pull the plug and sign off for the last time.

Thank you again, for one hell of a ride.

Earl & Dylan